Toll Gate Menu

I was going through our file cabinet the other day and found this copy of the Toll Gate menu. I remember "The Bucket" was a buck when I was in high school. Boy, that seems like a long time ago that I graduated from BCHS (1961). It's actually a giant post card. The back states "At the turn of the century, the old toll gate still stood astride the Albany-Schoharie plank road just east of the present TOLL GATE. Here, the toll gate keeper lived and collected $.05 cents for each one-horse rig and $.10 for a team or a load of hay passing through the building. The road leading to the right is the present road to Delmar." (From Barry Isbister)

Freihofer's Free Delivery Checklist from 1958

Blueberry Pie - only 69 cents!

1957 sandwich menu from Woolworth's....

If any of you have doubts about what we kids paid for a coke and a sandwich at Woolworth's (How many don't know what a Woolworth's was?) in the 1950's, here's proof of the era we lived in........

The Original McDonald's Menu

Could Woolworth's hope to compete with this?

2014 Senior Conference On Aging held in Pasadena.
Keynote Speaker Fritz Coleman

15 minutes of very funny senior humor!

Lookin' for my Wallet and Car Keys
(Welcome to my life!)

Shoe by Chris Cassatt and Gary Brookins

And they ask---Why I Like Retirement?

This just about covers it!
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45 Lessons in Life

Great Photos and good philosophy
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