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Welcome Classmates and Friends

60 long years ago we left the comfortable nest that was our Alma Mater. We were young, apprehensive, hopeful and innocent. 70 somethings were old folks - and we were NEVER going to become old ourselves. Old folks were out of touch with the real world. They wore frumpy clothes and sensible shoes. They sat in rockers a lot and bored us with discussions of their various aching body parts. But the years flew by. We became young people. Then quickly we morphed into middle-aged adults. And now, undeniably, we find ourselves slipping into our senior years. It has been an interesting journey filled with once unimaginable challenges, joys and sorrows. Youth and innocence are no longer ours, but the years have shown us how important it is to cherish life's simple joys and given us a new perspective. (Dare we call it wisdom?) Life has taught us to be more caring, more patient, and less self centered. We are more relaxed and self-confident. Slightly ahead of the Baby Boomers, we are in the vanguard of a new age of seniors. With luck we can lead the way into an era in which seniors can work longer, contribute more to society, and enjoy life as never before.


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60th Reunion Date and Location

Based on the results of the Reunion Survey, the Reunion will be held in the Bethlehem Town Park, Large Pavilion, on Saturday September 25, 2021 and a Mixer, probably at the Elsmere American Legion Post, on the evening of Friday September 24. Other details will follow, including survey results, but wanted to let Classmates know as soon as possible where and when for planning purposes.

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Classmates whose Home Address information is unknown:
A USPS mailing was sent out on September 21st to start the 60th Reunion planning and also to verify mailing addresses in the 55th Reunion Booklet or updates contained on the Website. The following is a list of letters that were returned by the Post Office as undeliverable. To help us maintain our address list, please send an email to or contact Bill McMillen with your new contact information.

Sally Brunner, Judy Martin, Chuck Stuber, Gary Van Apeldoorn, and Dan Zabriskie

Classmates whose email address information is unknown:
An email was recently sent to Classmates and the following were returned as invalid. To help us maintain our email list, please send an email to

Alan Chesney, Mary Ann Dorsey, Ruth Flick, Sue Fuller, Robyn Madison,

Dennis Mullen, Jim O'Brien, Carol Smith and Gary Van Apledoorn

Classmate Updates - Click on the Classmate's name for their updates (Login Required).

Sharon Adams, Dave Allen, Karen Almstead, Bonnie Andorn, Sandy Baker, Pat Ballo,

Jean Bangert, Pete Bauer, Mary Ann Beecher, Louise Calisto, Dick Cane,

Leila Caruso, Linda Cheatum, Price Chenault, Alan Chesney,

Jim Chesney, Alana Clegg, Tom Cole, Dale Cross, Elaine Dennin,

Mary Ann Dorsey, Bill Drozd, John Vance Everett, Val Farny, Ruth Flick,

Linda Fuhrman, Lee Gardinier, Linda Gmelch, Ken Goeldner,

Kate Goold, Polly Hale, Grais Harris, Joan Haywood, Jim Hulihan,

Judy Jernigan, Bob Johnson, Doug Johnson, Wayne Johnson,

Bill Johnston, Judi Jones, Kathie Jorgensen, Bill Kemp, Bob Kibbey, Tom Korns,

Paul Kositzka, Mike Kunz, Lousie Labrum, Terry Lawler,

Barb Leonard, Beryl Livingston, Robyn Madison, Mike Mancuso, Bill McMillen,

Jennie McNab , Karin Moe, Bill Moore, Karen Moore, Kindra Muntz,

Mary Myers, Pete Orendorf, Emily Otwell, Lorraine Parker, Bill Pearson,

Dorothy Raymond, Ruth Rector, Jean Reynolds, Larry Scarborough,

Donna Smith, Lynne Snyder, Dorothy Tougher, Judy Trobridge,

Roger Umbdenstock, David Utz, Karen Vander Mel, Jon VanDerpoel,

Brian Warner, Joyce Whitbeck, Sue Yaple, Dick York, Dan Zabriskie and

Sue Zimmerman.

The In Memoriam Section includes new informatiom about

Walt McDowell (9/12/2020) Obituary and Memorial service information,

Terry Herrick (7/23/2021), Dave Franz (6/9/2021),

Elaine Ham (7/2/2020), Esther Murphy (3/10/2021),

Helen Milham (2/1/2021), Mr Hugh Brown (8/25/2020),

Randy McKendry (6/18/2018), and Marge McKinney (8/31/2020),

Other Classmates Section includes updates from Rick Dewey, Tom Fresina,

Sue Fuller, Kirby Hannan, Marcia Lipschitz, Charlie McHugh, Bill Pfeif

and Denise Plunkett.

In the Teacher's Section, Mr Hugh Brown, Mr Fred Burdick,

Mr Dominick DeCecco, Ms Lois Mannheimer, Mrs Doris Pock,

Miss Arlene Superko and Mr Gene Webster.
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55th Reunion Booklet updates. The following are changes or corrections since the Booklet was issued - Click on the Classmate's name for their new contact information (Login Required).

Sharon Adams (home address, phone), Karen Almstead (home, email, phone),

Mary Ann Beecher (home, phone), Louise Calisto (home address),

Jim Chesney (home and email address), Tom Cole (email address),

Dale Cross (email address), Marcia Davies (home address),

Tom Fresina (Miltary Service), Lee Gardinier (home and email address),

Linda Gmelch (home address), Kate Goold (email address),

Dave Guerrera (home address), Joan Haywood (home address),

Marty Heilmann (home address, phone), Jim Hulihan (home address),

Barry Isbister (home address), Judy Jones (home address),

Kathie Jorgensen (home address), Tom Korns (email address),

Bob Kurzon (phone, email address), Marcia Lipschitz (email address),

Mike Mancuso (email address), Bill McMillen (email address),

Jennie McNab (home address), Karin Moe, (phone, home address),

Doug Morgan, (home address), Bill Pauley, (home address),

Bill Pfeif, (home, phone), Charlene Plummer (home, email),

John Purves (phone), Janet Raymond (home, email, phone),

Dorothy Tougher (home address, phone), David Utz (temp address),

Diane Walsh (home and phone), Brian Warner (email address),

Warren Wenzl (email), Vince Williams (Home, email, phone)

and Dick York (summer address),

(New in Bold)

Classmates whose contact information is unknown:

Gayle Albertine, Vivian Dean, Carolyn Martino, Robert McWilliams,

Emma Miller, Fred Mueller, Bob Patchen, Sharon Ryan and

Carol Smith


Old Home Page entries are available in the Archive Section.


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